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It’s the easiest and most effective call to action marketing video recording process ever. And we want to prove just how easy this is, that’s why we are willing to give you a FREE test drive.  You show up, we direct you to make an awesome direct response marketing video.  We edit the video, add your name, add a call to action screen and yes, we even include subtitles!  


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  • Schedule Your Free Marketing Video- DO THIS FIRST

    You'll be directed on the next page to schedule your session. Yep, just pick a date and time that works for you, and show up!

  • No Special Equipment Needed

    No fancy video equipment needed! Really, all you need is internet connection and a computer with a webcam. 

  • Your Script Included

    We are sending you our REAL LAWYER script template so you're prepared with what to say. And if you need help when you show up, we'll provide that too!

  • How To Prepare

    Once you get signed up for your free test drive you’ll get a short video to watch that will get you thinking about some super-simple-stuff!

  • Done-For-You Video

    We will make you look GREAT. We will make sure your video has a call to action. Even better, we will make sure your video actually gets done!   

  • Video That Makes You Money

    We will send you your free edited video and all you have to do is plug it into your marketing!